Shona lessons

The Shona language School lessons provide comprehensive learning for speakers learning Shona. Does your family speak Shona but you do not? Are you a Shona-speaking parent and you want your children to learn your mother-language too? Are you visiting Zimbabwe and would like to learn Shona? Do your friends speak Shona but you do not? Are you a non-Shona speaker living or working in Zimbabwe, wanting to learn Shona in a structured way? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then this is the right platform for you. The course assumes no prior knowledge of Shona and will help you master the basics and helps you develop to the advanced level. To help you practice, there is a TEST YOUR LEARNING EXERCISE at the end of each lesson. On completing the course you will be able to do the following: greet and introduce people; understand basic expressions; build simple sentences; ask questions; express your emotions; and count in Shona.
The Shona Language School also provides an e-book zone where you can test your reading skills. Quick stories and the book series are meant to help our students enjoy and practice their reading. The Real Life Shona Conversations on the SHONA LANGUAGE SCHOOL PODCAST are an icing on top of the cake as they also help our students learn how to speak and listen to Shona in real-life situations.
On all seven days of the week there are Live Activities on the site where students can take part and meet other students all over the world learning Shona. These are co-hosted by a Shona language School show host and a volunteer student. Don’t miss the fun as we bring you to a live Zimbabwean experience!
Apart from the lessons, the Shona Language School also offers translation and transcription services. Just send us an email and we will quote you.


You can also access a Learn Shona: Master the fundamentals free course here
I am currently giving a 20% discount to anyone who signs up for Shona lessons with me here

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