How to Teach Online With No Degree- The Secret Revealed!

Teachers all over the world are struggling to get students because of various reasons mainly to do with struggling economies due to COVID 19. Teachers with a degree and a TEFL equally face the challenge. I however have seen teachers with no degrees making it during this time and the “qualified” teachers do not understand it at all. Well, from my experience within this industry, you do not succeed because you have a degree but because you use a program- based teaching method. It is nothing to do with a degree but to do with the results you produce. Students want to learn for specific reasons and if you provide solutions for their specific reasons, then you surely will get students!

What is program – based teaching?

There are two methods of teaching: 1) general teaching, and 2) a program-based teaching. There are three ways of delivering these: 1) teaching with an ESL company, 2) creating a teacher profile on a teaching platform and 3) establishing your own teaching business. I talk much about the third option in my last post. Now teachers with no degrees need to differentiate themselves from the rest in order to get students in this highly competitive field. I always say having a degree does not mean you can teach, of course I do not dispute certain competencies that come with having one but also having one does not guarantee you being an excellent teacher. What I have seen is a teaching method counts more than anything else, followed by experience. Program- based teaching is whereby you choose a specific area to teach and align your curriculum to focus sorely on that. I often refer to this as choosing a niche. Focusing on a specific program allows you the teacher to engage your student at their exact point of need and you help them achieve their desired goals. In other words, you provide solutions to problems, and that makes you stand out of the rest. No one will ask if you have a degree or not, but your results will justify why you are teaching! Let me bring this closer to home. An example of program -based teaching is- “Helping international students seeking admission to European Universities with pronunciation skills”. With this teaching it means the teachers focuses on pronunciation skills for International students. Anything that does not relate to that is outside the teacher’s program. With this method the teacher knows their student’s problem is pronunciation skills, which they then focus on together. Both the teacher and the student have the same goal and inevitably, they will produce significant results. Because they know their problem and their goal, all the work done in between is strategically aligned towards the desired mark.

Will I get students?

Most teachers without degrees doubt themselves and often wonder if they will get students. Of course you will! Like what I have just explained, what is important is to offer a clear program and align your messages to that. Make sure when you advertise your messages are clear so you attract the right students. With a program based -teaching you are a specialist and not a general teacher. Just like in the medical field, you are practising as a gynaecologist or dermatologist and not a general practitioner. This means also with your rates they are higher than that of a general teacher. This explains why program based teachers make more money than general teachers. They also work less too because they focus on one area and work on improving it. Unlike general teachers who spread themselves over all topics, working so hard but not perfecting their skill and get paid peanuts!

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I have just revealed to you the secret on how to teach without a degree. Not only teaching, but making money out of the teaching. Its possible. It is a pity most teachers do not have the time to build a foundation for their business so they can establish their own business but they have the patience to work for ESL companies for so many years getting paid very little. The only reason you are worrying about a degree is because you want to work for an ESL company, if you want to work on your own then you shouldn’t be worried. Start teaching today. Get down to work!

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I am a passionate teacher and I teach my native language Shona online. Well, the main reason for this blog is to help someone out there, who has been struggling to start online teaching. I hope that what I have learnt throughout my journey will help someone find their feet and rise! I'm also an enthusiastic follower of several teaching online content. I have learnt a lot and will continue learning and sharing on this platform.

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