International Women’s Day for Africa 2020

international women’s day 2020

That phenomenal event when we celebrate women is upon us once again. This day could not have passed without me writing something here simply because I’m a great fan of every woman out there! The African native teacher network has a billion reasons to celebrate women in their diversity, particularly, African women.


We celebrate the woman who struggled to raise children on her own but still manage to raise powerful and successful children

We celebrate every woman who has been hit and bruised by evil men out there but still did not give up and is a survivor.

We celebrate the woman who lives with a monster man who hits her and deprives her of any love but she has still managed to hold herself together for the sake of her children.

We celebrate that woman who went into the labour room and gave birth but did not come out of that room with a child in her hands. She is still a mother and we celebrate her bravery.

We celebrate that African woman who works 16 – 20 hrs a day just so that her child gets food and goes to school like everyone’s child despite the harsh economic conditions suffocating her efforts.

Of course, we celebrate the woman who dared to rise and move out of an abusive and toxic relationship. We call her a survivor and a hero!

The International Women’s Day 2020 Theme

This year’s theme is “I am Generation Equality: Realizing Women’s rights”. The theme is aligned with the UN Women’s campaign, GENERATION EQUALITY which marks the 25th anniversary of the Beijing Declaration adopted in 1995. 25 years down the road we have remarkable success stories we can share as a country and a continent at large.



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