5 Must haves to teach your native language online

As promised in my last post on the 5 pros and cons of teaching online, today I will talk about 5 must haves to teach your native language online. This will be brief, but with all the simpler details.

When I started I had very little resources, so I just used what I already had. I owned a laptop with a webcam, (though not standard but could work with). I also had a headset with no noise cancellation had to use it till I purchased the most efficient one. All I’m saying is you can start with what you have as long as it doesn’t affect the quality and standard of your lesson delivery, then get the right equipment later on.

Must have 1

The first must have you need is a laptop. You need to have a laptop with a good quality webcam, great memory, and processor. These features will help you during lessons. The webcam is very useful during lessons when you are doing video-conferencing. I have noticed that during my lessons the camera plays a critical role. I have to be clear so that my student can see me and the gestures that I will be making. This builds confidence in the student they are not talking to a robot!

Must have 2

Like I mentioned in my previous post, for one to teach online you need a reliable and fast internet service provider. I use zol. There are many providers in my country, but zol has proved to be the best for me in terms of reliability and cost effectiveness. You need to consider the best internet provider in your country, too. Check your connection speed here.

Must have 3

Third, you need a headset with a microphone. This allows you to communicate with your students without using computer audio. Most companies that recruit online teachers have this as a prerequisite. I bought mine on Alie express for $16 shipping inclusive and I have enjoyed using it so far. There are many designs of the headset with a microphone so just look for something that has volume control and background noise cancellation/reduction and you will be good to go.

Must have 4

If you will take teaching online seriously as your full-time job, then you definitely need a small workstation. You need a desk and a comfortable chair. You will get busy as more and more students find you and you have to work more hours a day. This means you need a place to work from and a back supporting chair to sit on! Initially, I used my bedroom but had to grow out of it as I diversified into more jobs and needed a quieter and comfortable space to work from.

work station for teaching online at home.

Must have 5

Teaching online requires a lot of interaction with the students, so you need to use a platform that supports video and voice at the same time. I use zoom and Skype. If you want a detailed comparison of the two, you can read here.

After sharing these 5 must haves, you can agree with me that teaching your native language online is not complicated and you can do it with no difficulties. Watch out for the next post on online opportunities!

Published by Mel online tutor

I am a passionate teacher and I teach my native language Shona online. Well, the main reason for this blog is to help someone out there, who has been struggling to start online teaching. I hope that what I have learnt throughout my journey will help someone find their feet and rise! I'm also an enthusiastic follower of several teaching online content. I have learnt a lot and will continue learning and sharing on this platform.

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