Mother language Day

Today, Saturday 22February, is Mother Language Day. I just thought i should quickly share my thoughts. I celebrate my own mother language which is Shona! It is a language widely spoken in Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe is a country in sub Saharan Africa. About Eight million people speak this language. In Zimbabwe Shona is an official Language together with 12 other minority Languages.

One thing i have learnt over the past few years when i exposed myself to the International community, is that ALL languages are important! Nommatter how small that Language seems to be it equally has the same use just like those languages considered to be the big or majority languages. When i started teaching online,i tried teaching my second Language which is English but it brought me less success. When i decided to teach my mother Language the response was amazing. I had more students than when i was teaching English.

Take pride in your mother tongue but dont restrict yourself to it only. Master a second or even third Language. HAPPY MOTHER LANGUAGE DAY TO YOU ALL!

Published by Mel online tutor

I am a passionate teacher and I teach my native language Shona online. Well, the main reason for this blog is to help someone out there, who has been struggling to start online teaching. I hope that what I have learnt throughout my journey will help someone find their feet and rise! I'm also an enthusiastic follower of several teaching online content. I have learnt a lot and will continue learning and sharing on this platform.

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