6 Thoughts on why i decided to teach online

full time teaching job versus online teaching job

My dream

So just like any young woman growing up, my dream was to be educated and have a stable job. I always wanted to return the favor my mum had done for me by sending me to school. The best way was to graduate and get a job and I did exactly that! It, however, did not take much time before I got annoyed by the long working hours, rigid work schedule and worst of it all, a boss on my back tracking deadlines! I felt there was something better. I did not know what, but it was there, I could feel it. What my family and everyone else around me knew was to work on a physical job 8-12 hours a day. I could get nothing besides the encouragement to work hard and to adjust because that’s all part of growing up. Well, I tried, at least, I worked for 5 good years being a teacher and trainer in different schools and institutions.

The Hiccups

In 2016 I started browsing the internet for any information that could lead me to where my desire was. I got information in bits and pieces and could not comprehend exactly what I am supposed to do. I struggled and failed to find anyone to explain and advise me on a personal note. I had to find my time to do this since I was fully working somewhere from 8 am to 5 pm. Sometimes I would get home tired and drained from a hard day’s work yet my kids and husband wanted my attention too so it would leave me with no time or energy to go on the internet to search for more information on teaching online.

The break up point

This went on for the next two years, I would wake up and go to work and come home at 5 pm tired but would squeeze a little time to read different articles and follow several blogs for teaching online. I joined several pages on Facebook just to get more information. The company I was working for then posted me to a different workstation, which was 150 km away from my family. This was my break up point! I wondered how could they do that. I would go there on a Monday and come back home on a Friday. It was traumatizing, I should say. I left my kids under the care of a full-time maid. I was not comfortable with that arrangement at all. Each time I came back home I was a stranger to my own children. That broke my heart, and I knew my days on a full-time job were numbered. Within a few months, I tendered in my resignation. I just told myself I am tired, and I deserved something better!

That is when and how my teaching online journey started.

Published by Mel online tutor

I am a passionate teacher and I teach my native language Shona online. Well, the main reason for this blog is to help someone out there, who has been struggling to start online teaching. I hope that what I have learnt throughout my journey will help someone find their feet and rise! I'm also an enthusiastic follower of several teaching online content. I have learnt a lot and will continue learning and sharing on this platform.

9 thoughts on “6 Thoughts on why i decided to teach online

  1. Well done for the insight. This is encouraging to anyone who yearns flexible working hours. It is also a great way of giving back to the global community by being available to offer online lessons to those who need them.


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