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My name is Melody. I am an online Shona teacher. I have been doing different teaching and training jobs in brick and motor schools. I have always longed for a flexible job, one that allows me time with my girls, one that I decide when to work and when not to. I have always wanted to determine my work schedule. It was difficult to find mentorship in that direction. This desire in me continued to grow until I could not bear it anymore and I had to find information elsewhere. That is when I turned to the internet and bumped into the vast field of teaching online.

I faced so many challenges pursuing my dream, but that did not stop me from achieving my goals. One of the major goal I proudly achieved is establishing my teaching online business. I’m a passionate teacher and have always been keen on teaching beyond my country’s borders. When I started my teaching online journey, it was difficult, but I never gave up. After all those struggles, I decided I should share my experiences with someone out there who also wants to teach online. They get to learn one or two things from what I encountered, and they do not have to repeat the same mistakes I made or stumble upon certain challenges and fall.

Establishing a teaching business can be a challenge because there isn’t much information about it. However, after going through it I realised it’s worth all the effort. Teachers possess valuable skills but they are most often than not exploited by ESL companies but once they establish their own teaching businesses online, they will get a better reward for their skills and earn 4 or 5 figures a month. It is possible.

I sincerely hope my readers will enjoy the insights I share here. I will talk about the great opportunities that exist to teach online, the limitations that follow them, how I made my way round them and other online income generating streams that someone from Africa can do.

The greatest achievement I have made is to Teach my Native Language Online. I have been teaching Shona online for 2 years now and it’s fun and possible.

For more information on my journey Teaching my Native Language Online, check my Shona Lessons page here


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